Warehouse buildings and extra storage are sometimes an additional requirement for businesses, especially during operational peaks. They provide an ideal solution for those who need to expand their processes or who have outgrown their premises without the need to relocate. Most temporary buildings can be built onto any hard surface, such as concrete or tarmac. They are available in compact sizes or are adaptable to be as large and spacious as you need. 

Temporary Warehouse Buildings: Flexibility

Temporary warehouses can be used during busy periods or throughout the year. They are easy to put up and take down when required, giving you the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your production. Busy periods and high productivity no longer mean that you need to embark on expensive, time-consuming searches for permanent relocation, coming with a high cost in terms of money and human resource commitment. A solution can now be configured on your existing land, which also has the flexibility to move with you should you decide to change premises at a later date. 

Temporary structures are weatherproof and can be used throughout the year. Despite being fast to manufacture, quick to install, and lightweight, they also provide all of the strength and durability you would expect from a part of your business premises. 

Temporary Warehouse Buildings – Specifications


Warehouse buildings are completely bespoke to your space and operational requirements, coming in a range of sizes from 6m wide to 15m wide. They start at 5m long, consisting of 2 bays, and can be extended quickly and easily with the addition of 2.5m extension bays. This gives firms a great deal of flexibility and adaptability when planning out their space requirements. Manufacturers of temporary buildings also offer a design service if you require something more specific to meet your needs.


Temporary buildings are constructed at ground level and are simple and quick to erect. The main structure is assembled flat on the ground before being hinged upright and pinned in place. There is no need to resort to difficult and potentially dangerous temporary pins during the process. Roof spans consist of a simple yet strong push-fit design, then fully locked with a clip and pin mechanism. 

Temporary but not weak

Whilst the word ‘temporary’ can conjure up images of flimsy and unsuitable structures, this could not be further from the truth. Temporary warehouses are constructed with the same grade of structural alloy aluminum that is used in bridge buildings and cranes. Structural alloy aluminum is lightweight without compromising on strength and integrity. The engineering surrounding these buildings accounts for strong performance against winds of up to 70mph and snow loading of 0.25kn – 0.75kn m2, depending on structure size. 

Availability and support

Temporary buildings are available to order throughout the UK, with fast manufacturing times and nationwide delivery. There is also a wide range of accessories to complete your new and extended space, with the addition of flooring, lighting, and a selection of entrance door options, making accessibility straightforward. 

Excellent Ergonomics

Lightweight and relocatable buildings are at the forefront of current emerging technology. Providing safe, secure, and strong storage, without the need for complicated and costly procedures or building work.