Party Structures

Hoecker P-Series marquees are fast to assemble, the connections for the aluminium roof spans are push fit design from galvanised steel then locked by pin and clip, forming a modular design.

The Party system is designed to use 3m bays. The basic unit length is 6m, and can be extended from that in further matching 3m extension bays to form the required length.

Extra sections can be added in this way to all our Party models, giving flexibility and choice. Structures exceeding 24m in length will require additional wind bracing, the maximum spacing between wind bracing is 6 bays.

The marquee can be erected direct to the ground on steel foot plates, or if required can be mounted directly to the Hoecker floor system. Structures are supplied with anchoring stakes, but varying ground conditions may affect anchoring calculations.

The marquee can be supplied with tested structural calculations. According to structural calculations it is stable in structure to BS EN 1991-1-4:200+A1:2010 [wind], BS EN 13782:2015, Temporary Structures, - Tents Safety and BS EN 1999 Eurocode 9. Design of Aluminium Structures.

The Hoecker marquee is designed to be assembled on the ground. It is then hinged into it’s vertical position and fixed into place, preventing any need for potentially dangerous temporary ties or roof work.

The aluminium rafters and side uprights have keder tracks for the PVC sheet keder edges to slide into. This forms the secure and watertight join between frame and cover which makes the structure modular, and allows control of the cover when working in windy conditions.

All PVC covers are Fire retardant to relevant BS, DIN & M2 standards, UV resistant, mould inhibited and lacquered. All PVC covers are Fire retardant to relevant BS, DIN & M2 standards, UV resistant, mould inhibited and lacquered.

The standard colour for PVC covers is white, but you can choose from a range of striped or solid colours for the side walls, roofs and valances.

These structures are calculated for 60mph winds and snow loading of 0.2kn m2. Snow must be cleared from the roof regularly or a constant temperature of 12°C maintained.

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