About Us

Fast, Lightweight and Easily Assembled!

Hoecker Structures have combined these three essentials to bring you their range of Marquee structures. Four generations ago the Hoecker family saw the potential of lightweight relocatable buildings being a useful alternative to the permanent steel factory buildings they were producing, later redeveloping them with the newly emerging technology of aluminium extrusion resulting in their first ever Party tent. The Company went on to produce ever increasing spans, refining and developing the technology into the efficient, fast, lightweight and easily assembled Hoecker Marquees seen all round the world today.

Meet The Team

Hand Finished Quality

Every track opening in a Hoecker structure is machined then hand finished and inspected to ensure that your covers will slide easily into and through the track, this hand finished quality will help extend the life of the fabric covers.

Hoecker have always placed great importance on listening to customer needs and introducing carefully considered user friendly upgrades into every system to reduce the personnel or time required in site operation and make your structure return a profit in the shortest time.


Constructed from high quality anodised aluminium extrusion incorporating tracking for the covers, the steel components are hot-dip galvanised. All connections are simple and fast operating, with over 50 years experience of hard use and ‘field’ testing, that feedback from customers has been incorporated into every hoecker marquee system to ensure a longer useful life.


Because Hoecker structures are well thought out, modular, lightweight, easy to transport and fast to set up, you will save money with a structure from hoecker, every time you use it whenever and wherever you are.


The Party and Event system spans seen below are only the start! With the modular design each one is infinitely flexible in length, can be connected together sideways to form multiple width designs, at angles to form screened courtyards, and we have a whole range of complementary extra’s to completely change the appearance from event to event. You will always be able to please your customers with hoecker marquees!
HIP-Gables & Hexagonal Structures
Continuing hoecker policy of complimentary additions to standard structures, hip gables allow you to soften the square outline of a standard structure by replacing the flat gable. They can be purchased to suit every Party span, 4, 6, 8 & 9m versions are three sided, the 10 and 12m span units are five sided. Of course we have gone one step further for you, because you can connect two together to form a hexagon or decahedron structure – still utilising many of your standard components.

Special Designs

Hoecker already have an outstanding reputation for producing structures that meet an individual need or specific site requirement so if you can’t see the span or system which meets your needs, don’t hesitate to ask!

Keeping It Simple

From initial design and whenever we introduce a new product or option into a range, great care is taken to ensure the majority of components continue to be interchangeable to simplify your stock handling and site operations. As an instance, the original two track and new four track aluminium Party profiles are machined and finished so that they can be mixed and matched to meet any combination required.


The Party system is manufactured and stocked in the UK at our Kettering production facility where they are able to produce most structures on demand within 2-3 weeks, and some even faster! They are proud of their ability to provide the necessary urgent spare part back-up service with almost every part being available for collection within hours, or able to be delivered to you (or your site) within 24-48 hours.

Ancillary Products

There’s more to it than just a ‘tent’ you will also need lighting, linings, flooring and doors not forgetting ladders & specialist tools, we have drawn on our considerable experience to provide a range of quality products that will reflect the durability and high standard of your marquee. Many of these products are held in stock at Kettering.