Model: PVO3.1 2.4m Side Height


Aluminium Frame Specification

Structure Width: 3000mm x 3000mm square
Eave Height: 2370mm
Ridge Height:  3770mm
Roof Pitch: Peaked roof
Longest Component: 3000mm (eave purlin)
Aluminium Profile: 48mm x 89mm 2 track
Aluminium Spec: Anodised, Extruded, Tempered, 6082
Purlin Profile: 48mm x 89mm 2 track
Steel Spec: Hot Dip Galvanised Steel Inserts
Ground Fixing: 500mm Stakes, Anchor Bolts, Weights


PVC Specification

PVC Spec: 650g m2, Anti Mould, Low Wick, UV Resistant
Fire Rating: BS, DIN & M2 Standard
Colour: White as standard, others available upon request
Roof Options: Plain White, Clear
Wall Options: One Piece, Centre Laced, Windowed, Panoramic
Tensioning: Threaded tensioner in roof peak



Frame & PVC 204kg
* All dimensions, weights and transport volume given are approximate!






The main structure of the marquee comprises anodised extruded aluminium profiles. The purlins across the eaves and the roof steelwork have quick assembly push fit connectors.

The unit is 3m x 3m square, two or more units can be joined together by the means of a PVC gutter and infill panels.
The marquee framework can either be erected on steel footplates or on Hoecker flooring system. The structure is mostly assembled at ground level, so no dangerous roof work is involved!
The purlins have slot tracks for the PVC sheet keder edges to be inserted, thus resulting in a very tight and secure join between the framework and the PVC sheet.
Side sheeting : keder edges, keder tabs top edge, laced at centre, white as standard or striped on one side in the following colour combinations:-
Red/white, blue/white, green/white, yellow/white.
NO allowance has been made for the effects of snow. Snow must be cleared from the roof regularly or a constant temperature of 12 degrees C must be maintained at the ridge point.

Avaliable Options For This Structure: